With limited natural resources available on earth, lives are sacrificed for the survival of human race. In order to maintain a critical balance between the available supply of natural resources and human demand, messengers must face the burden of notifying the selected individuals of their impending mortality, and the selected individuals must make the best of their final hours.

Series Plot


Set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, the Global population is controlled by a random selection system called the Global Benefactor Protocol. Those selected are notified of their final 36 hours by the messengers. 8 years after a former messenger Jack Brody departed (Episode 1), his son, Sam Brody, follows his father’s footsteps and joins the Protocol seeking answers. But when he finds a clue left by his father, he discovers the true nature of the organization.

Each episode will explore the reactions of the notified individuals and their effects on main characters. Against the backdrop of a near-future society, the series will probe into how current social concerns may alter our society in the future, including medical technological advancements, environmental and climate concerns, sustainability and other socioeconomic concerns.


With the advancement of medical technology, the world population exploded resulting in an ecological deterioration. In 2025, a world war broke out over the limited natural resources. After almost 12 months of Global turmoil, it was forcefully concluded by the outbreak of deadly viral pandemic resulting in the death of ½ of the world population before a vaccination was developed. Never to face the same consequences again, the nations united to create a system to control the world population. This system called the “Global Benefactor Protocol (G.B.P.)” requires every individual to be vaccinated and every vaccine injection to include a Nano-chip called the “Nano Vector Recombinant” that when activated, humanely shuts down vital bodily functions.

Initially, the individuals were sacrificed immediately through remote activation of the Nano-chip. However, in 2028, with strong social movements against the inhumane nature of this process, the “Benefactor Notification Program (B.N.P.)” was adopted to provide 36-hour notice and complimentary resources to allow the individuals to make the most of final hours.

For security reasons, B.N.P. Central Governing Office is not publicly disclosed. However, through regional offices throughout the Globe, the B.N.P. process is carried out everyday by hand delivering the “Notice” to those individuals selected by the protocol. Someone must face the burden of notifying the selected individuals of their impeding mortality and the selected individuals must make the best of their final hours.

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